Indigenous handmade objects are the outcome of interaction between humans, nature and the ecosystem over the millenniums. Along the path of human evolution and development of humanity, beauty-loving spirits and the creative minds of humans, jointly with the tripartite interaction, have emerged in the form of Unique Artistic Handicrafts, which are produced by various groups of people and tribes, to meet demands of different types of social classes.

Iranian (Persian) handicraft is a noble art collection, originating from an indigenous culture, creativity, talent and experience of artisans from several Iranian ethnic groups. These arts, which have been evolved and created through the centuries, characterize the rich culture and civilization of this territory.

Horjin Eco Gallery, by identifying, collecting, unveiling and supplying Iranian (Persian) authentic native handmade products, attempts to take effective steps to present the real value and originality of these products. Furthermore our major objectives are to introduce the application of such products in today’s life, and provide the possibility of becoming familiar with artisan and creators, thereby preserving richness of the homegrown cultures of Iran.

The word "Horjin" is the Bakhtiari dialect for "Carpet-Bag", that is a traveling bag made of carpet, commonly is woven by tribal women on horizontal loom. "Horjin" is considered as a main handicraft of Bakhtiari tribe, it is also an essential and valuable object of nomadic life.